Never a single moment of freedom

The 91 elephants of Amer Fort have never known a single moment of freedom in their lives. Now is the time to give them the life they deserve. One without chains, suffering, and  cruelty.

Rangoli, Shanti, Rani, and all the other elephants need your help now to end elephant rides at Amer Fort for good so that they can be moved to permanent sanctuaries.


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Your gift of   can support a sustainable plan to care for the 91 elephants at Amer Fort once a commitment is reached to end elephant rides.

Your gift of   can help campaigning efforts to end the cruel exploitation of Rangoli and other Amer Fort elephants.

Your gift of   can help the elephants’ caretakers find alternative livelihoods, so captive elephants no longer need to suffer as entertainers, and wild elephants aren’t poached.

Your gift of   can educate and move travel companies and tourists to stop supporting entertainment venues that harm animals.

Your gift of   can provide food and care to our eight partner high welfare venues in Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia.

Your gift of   can help protect animals in farms and in the wild.

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Your gift helps to move governments, businesses and people to end animal cruelty. With every dollar you give, you help solve the root causes of animal suffering and influence others to improve animals’ lives because protecting animals means protecting the world.