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The traditional medicine industries profit from subjecting wild animals like bears and lions to captivity, fear, pain, and premature death.

In China, more than 20,000 bears are cruelly exploited for their bile when plant-based and synthetic alternatives are already available.

Many bears suffer for decades - every day enduring the agony of having their own bile drained out of a permanent wound. Bears are sentient beings; they are intelligent and curious. There is no excuse for the pain and fear they go through.

This holiday season, your gift will be matched* and have 2x the impact to help end the exploitation of wild animals in the traditional medicine industry. 

*Donations will be matched up to $180,000 until midnight December 31, 2023 thanks to our generous lead match donors, Sakura’s Hope Foundation, The Alan and Patricia Koval Foundation, Anna Saroli, and several anonymous donors. If you join as a monthly donor in 2023, your monthly gift will be matched.

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Your gift of  will double to keep the pressure on the Chinese government to end bear bile farming. 

Your gift of  will be matched to encourage medicine practitioners to choose humane, herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile and other wildlife products instead.

Your gift of  will have 2x the impact pressuring the government in South Africa to stop the cruel exploitation of lions for use in the traditional medicine industries.

Your gift of  will have double the impact helping to advocate for a breeding ban in China, ensuring that current captive bears are the last to suffer such horrors.

Your gift of  will go twice as far helping to research options to provide safe sanctuaries where liberated bears can live a wild life.

Your gift of  will be twice as nice supporting our efforts to produce evidence to prove the human health risks associated with traditional medicine products.

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