What's your promise for animals in 2024?

Last year, thanks to your help, we protected millions of animals from abuse and neglect. Yet, the struggle for a compassionate world where animals are respected is ongoing.

Animals globally still endure exploitation, harsh conditions and habitat destruction. Your renewed donation is a powerful act, declaring, "Let's end the suffering."

Join us again, and let your generosity be their voice. Together, we can continue making a substantial impact, striving for a world where animal welfare is a priority.

Your support remains vital, what will be your promise for animals in 2024?

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Your gift of   can help stop the exploitation of wildlife for tourism, like roadside zoos, by strengthening legislation in Canada and globally.

Your gift of   can help put pressure on global food brands involved in destroying the Amazon rainforest for factory farming purposes.

Your gift of   can help support Whale Heritage Sites, offering a safe haven to dolphins and other wildlife.

Your gift of   can help push the Canadian Government to support high welfare and sustainable farming and phase-out prophylactic use of antibiotics.

Your gift of   can urge governments and businesses to end the commerical wildlife trade.

Your gift can go where the need is greatest addressing the root causes of animal suffering.

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Thank you for changing animals lives for the better!

World Animal Protection is working to stop wild animals being cruelly exploited as entertainment by solving the root causes of animal suffering and moving governments, corporations and people to end animal cruelty.