Double your impact for elephants

Thousands of elephants in Thailand suffer in the tourism industry, living in poor conditions with little protection. Wild animals continue to be used for entertainment, leading to immense suffering. This has to stop!

Until midnight July 5, 2024, you have the opportunity to double your impact for elephants* and other animals cruelly exploited in the tourism industry.

Your contribution today will directly support sanctuaries and projects dedicated to improving the welfare of elephants and other wildlife, ensuring they can live free from suffering.

My total gift: 

Your gift of   will be doubled and can support our campaign for the adoption of the Elephant Bill in Thailand, to radically transform the tourism industry to be ethical and sustainable.

Your gift of   will have twice the impact and can help care for and rehabilitate formerly abused elephants at a high welfare venue.

Your gift of   will be matched and can help transition low welfare elephant camps to high welfare venues in Thailand.

Your gift of   will go twice as far and can help move governments, travel companies, tourists and elephant owners to end elephants entertainment forever.

Your gift of   will be doubled and can help provide veterinary care for elephants like Sang Dao and other animals who suffered from being exploited for the tourism industry.

Your gift will be matched to go where the need is greatest addressing the root causes of animal suffering.

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Thank you for changing animals lives for the better!

*Give before midnight July 5, 2024, and your donation will be matched by a generous anonymous donor so your impact can be doubled. 

If you become a monthly donor before midnight July 5, 2024, your monthly gift will be matched

Your gift helps to move governments, businesses and people to end animal cruelty. With every dollar you give, you help solve the root causes of animal suffering and influence others to improve animals’ lives because protecting animals means protecting the world.