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When you give to World Animal Protection you are helping to move governments, businesses and people to end animal cruelty. With every dollar you give, you will help solve the root causes of animal suffering and influence others to improve animals’ lives because protecting animals means protecting the world.

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Your   donation can help end the cruel exploitation of elephants at tourist attractions.

Lion cubs in South Africa

Your   donation can help put an end to the exploitation of wild animals for tourist entertainment.

Your   donation can ensure bears at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and Balkasar Sanctuary are fed and cared for.

Your   donation can keep the pressure on big food brands to improve welfare standards for animals suffering on factory farms.

Your   donation will keep the pressure on the Chinese government to end bear bile farming.

Your gift will help meet the most urgent needs of animals when they need it most.

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For more than 70 years, World Animal Protection has helped animals. From liberating wildlife from cruel exploitation to moving corporations to adopt better animal welfare in their supply chains to providing funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals.


Photo: A bear at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Romania.