This is cruelty. You can stop it.

*Image credit: Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save

You can change the lives of pig right now!

$62 can help promote better animal welfare standards for pigs and chickens in Canada within the transport code of practice

$95 can push corporations to support high welfare meat sourcing and protein diversification.

$500 can help our campaign for the Canadian Government to support high welfare and sustainable farming and phase-out prophylactic use of antibiotics.


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You have the power to stop cruelty and help animals lead safe, natural lives. Your gift today will help end factory farming in Canada and around the world. By doing so you are helping improve the lives of farm animals, yours’ and your family’s health, and the environment. Donate now.

For more than 50 years, World Animal Protection has helped animals. From liberating wildlife from cruel exploitation to moving corporations to adopt better animal welfare in their supply chains to providing funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals.



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