This is cruelty. You can stop it.

The 2021 tax year is coming to a close and this is your last chance to get a 2021 tax receipt for protecting animals. Don’t miss out! Give before 11:59pm on December 31,2021 for your 2021 tax receipt.

You still have the power to stop cruelty and give animals like bears a better life. Bears used for baiting endure a lifetime of horrific cruelty. Controlled by a metal ring in their sensitive muzzles, they are tethered to a pole and forced to fight for their lives against trained dogs for 'entertainment'. 

Donate now to help solve the root causes of animal suffering and move governments, corporations and people to end animal cruelty.


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Lion cubs in South Africa

Your   donation can help put an end to the exploitation of animals for tourist entertainment.

Your   donation can transition low welfare elephant camps to high welfare venues in Thailand.

Your   donation can ensure bears at the Balkasar Sanctuary are fed and cared for.

Your   donation can keep the pressure on big food brands to improve welfare standards for animals suffering on factory farms.

Your   donation can support Whale Heritage Sites that offer dolphin-friendly tourism.

Tiger in cage

Your gift will help meet the most urgent needs of animals when they need it most.

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