Elephants are not entertainers 

A “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for you is a lifetime of suffering for them. Stolen from the wild or bred into captivity, elephants are beaten and abused for the sake of entertainment every day. Forced at a young age to endure a horrific training practice known as the "crush", they suffer mentally and physically so that they are submissive enough to perform or give rides. Sadly, they spend their long lives chained, isolated and unable to express their natural behaviours.

This is no life for an elephant.

World Animal Protection is working to stop the cruel exploitation of innocent wildlife, solve the root causes of animal suffering and move governments, corporations and people to end animal cruelty.

Will you consider a donation today to stop elephant exploitation and change animals' lives for the better?


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Your   donation can help put an end to the exploitation of animals for tourist entertainment.

Your   donation can transition low welfare elephant camps to high welfare venues in Thailand.

Your   donation can care for and rehabilitate formerly abused elephants at a high welfare venue. 

Your   donation can influence governments and businesses to unite to end the wildlife trade.

Your   donation can move government, travel companies, tourists and elephant owners to end elephant entertainment forever.

Your gift can go where the need is greatest addressing the root causes of animal suffering.

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