Urgent: you can protect Brazil's wildlife at risk from fires

Wild animals living in the Brazil's Cerrado and Pantanal region are threatened by raging fires. The relentless expansion of factory farming is the cause of this devastating loss.

Donate today to help our rescue and rehabilitatation efforts, and to support our work to stop the expansion of factory farming to protect these precious habitats. Once these species and habitats disappear, they are gone forever.  

Your gift helps solve the root causes of animal suffering and moves governments, corporations, and people to end animal cruelty.


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Your gift of   can help local groups provide care animals suffering from devastating fires.

Your gift of   can help identify hotspots worldwide where intensive farming is destroying habitats and harming wildlife.

Your gift of   can support emergency monitoring and response efforts in Brazil during peak fire seasons.

Your gift of   can help campaign efforts to protect wildlife and their habitat in Cerrado and Pantanal regions of Brazil.

Your gift of   can go towards global efforts to end factory farming and transform the global food system.

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