Urgent: Protect 74 bears at risk

Rescued from a terrifying life of bear baiting, dancing, and other forms of cruel entertainment, the 74 bears at the Balkasar bear sanctuary are now at risk due to the Pakistan floods.

Critical resources, which are needed to repair damage to enclosures and care for these bears, are scarce in Pakistan due to inflation being at a 47-year high, and floods have damaged roads and key infrastructure, which is affecting supply chains.

Donate now to protect these bears at risk, and support important work that helps solve the root causes of animal suffering and exploitation.


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Your gift of   can help secure food for bears at the Balkasar bear sanctuary. 

Your gift of   can keep the bears safe by helping rebuild fencing and adding additional draining structures. 

Your gift of   can provide the bears with vital veterinary resources as the risk of waterborne illnesses increases.

Your gift of   can help cover the costs of transportation and an initial health check for new bears arriving at the Balkasar bear sanctuary.

Your gift of   can help fund lobbying for stronger laws, and strengthen enforcement of existing laws, to protect bears and wildlife.

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