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Right now between 8,000 and 12,000 lions are at risk of being targets of canned trophy hunting. 

For these captive lions, their suffering starts as young cubs. The ones that are lucky enough to be born without deformities, are taken from their mothers early so they cannot properly bond or feed, and are left frightened as photo props in lion petting venues. Once they are too old for petting, they are often kept in overcrowded conditions where they are fed poor diets, only to become targets of trophy hunters. 

When you give to our Holiday Match today, not only will every dollar you give be matched* to help stop the suffering lions and other wildlife, but you'll be helping fund our first-ever Wildlife Heritage Community. You'll be combining efforts in nature conservation and animal welfare successfully, as part of a growing movement for animal friendly tourism. 

*Donations will be matched up to $160,000 until midnight December 31st, thanks to lead match donors; Sakura’s Hope Foundation, Alan and Patricia Koval Foundation, and four anonymous donors. If you join as a monthly donor in 2022, your first two gifts will be matched!

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Your gift of   will be matched and can help protect 8,000-12,000 lions at risk of being targets of trophy hunters.

Your gift of   will be twice as nice and can help fund our first ever Wildlife Heritage Community.

Your gift of   will go twice as far and can support campaign efforts to demand that the government reject cruel, lethal practices such as canned trophy hunting.

Your gift of   will double and can help our local and global initiative to protect wildlife against cruelty for the sake of entertainment.

Your gift of   will double and can help give wildlife a chance at a wild life through our new Wildlife Heritage Network program.

Your gift of   will be twice as nice and help protect lions and other wildlife.

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Your gift this holiday season helps solve the root causes of animal suffering, by moving governments, corporations, and people to end animal cruelty.