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Farm animals deserve to live better lives. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, your gift will be matched* so you can help change our food system to bring animal welfare to the heart of it.

Millions of animals each year go through needless suffering in factory farms. They are caged, tethered, and mutilated because they are seen as products for profit, and not the intelligent, curious and feeling animals that they are. Give now, and help stop their suffering.

*Donations will be matched up to $40,000 until midnight November 29th for Giving Tuesday for farm animals thanks to an anonymous donor. Monthly donations will be counted towards the match until the end of 2022

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Your gift of   will be doubled and can expose how factory farming contributes to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Your gift of   will have double the impact improving farm animal welfare and our environment through our campaign efforts.

Your gift of   will help meet the most urgent needs of animals when they need it most.

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Your gift this holiday season helps solve the root causes of animal suffering, by moving governments, corporations, and people to end animal cruelty.