Unbearable suffering

You can help protect bears like Misa

More than 20,000 bears are currently exploited for their bile for use in Traditional Asian Medicine. Treated like products, instead of living, breathing beings, bears like Misa (pictured above) are kept in small metal cages and endure unimaginable pain and suffering daily. You can help.

Your gift of $31 can provide the anaesthetic and medical equipment needed to microchip a bear

Your gift of $57 can get one bear in Vietnam microchipped so they can be monitored

Your gift of $153 can pay for the inspection of a bear bile factory

Your gift of $250 can push governments and industry globally to help end the trade of bear products for medicine

Your monthly gift of $20 means you can ensure you can stand side by side with animals when they need you most

A lifetime of suffering

Bears trapped in the bear bile industry across Asia endure a life of severe physical pain and psychological distress.

Misa's story

On June 25, 2021 Misa’s nightmare ended. Misa is now free from a tiny cage and no longer endures the pain of large syringes. Prior to release Misa, along with two other bears Mila and Minu who are approximately 21 years old, suffered immensely in the bear bile industry. Two of them were missing a paw each, which according to their owner were severed when they were purchased from a trader. It is expected this happened while these bears were ensnared by a hunting trap as they roamed the forest — leading to immediate agonizing pain and was the beginning of their cruel lives in captivity. 

It was during a microchipping monitoring trip that our team discovered that one of the three bears had been illegally captured as she had no microchip. From there not only was she confiscated, but our team was able to negotiate the release of the other two bears. Below are the three bears in their cages prior to being surrendered and moved to a sanctuary. From left to right: Misa, Minu, and Mila. 

Your support today means that this crucial microchipping work can continue, which will lead to more bears being surrendered. It also means that we can campaign in countries. 

Your impact

With every dollar you give, you will help solve the root causes of animal suffering and influence others to improve animals’ lives because protecting animals means protecting the world.

For more than 50 years, World Animal Protection has helped animals. From liberating wildlife from cruel exploitation to moving corporations to adopt better animal welfare in their supply chains to providing funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals.


Banner photo: Misa, a 21 year old Asiatic black bear lived a life of suffering before being transferred to a sanctuary.


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