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You can give hope to distressed Brazilian wildlife

Your gift of $49 can provide emergency medicine for rescued animals

Your gift of $75 can treat injured wild animals on the ground and move them out of danger

Your gift of $100 can provide the team with the medicine and veterinary equipment they need to help innocent animals this time and the next

Your gift of $250 can increase the pressure on governments to increase protection for biodiverse habitats

Your monthly gift of $20 means you can ensure you can stand side by side with animals when they need you most and help curb the growth of factory farming so these disasters no longer happen while transforming the lives of all animals, both farmed and wild.

The world can't wait

These animals find themselves without food or shelter. You can give them hope.

Your impact

With every dollar you give, you will help solve the root causes of animal suffering and influence others to improve animals’ lives because protecting animals means protecting the world.

The impact of disasters is devastating for animals. Our Emergency Response Programme helps animals in dire peril who are suffering now, and it also tackles the root causes of these emergencies. With 50 years’ global experience, we know how to work effectively. We will not only work with our partners to rescue and monitor animals in need, but we will also move governments and businesses to stop the expansion of factory farming, and fight for new legal protection of existing habitats.


Photo credit 1: Lucas Ninno via Getty Images

Photo credit 2: Angelo Gandolfi / Alamy Stock Photo



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